Healthcare has been evolving rapidly with the passage of the Affordable Care Act. As ObamaCare unfolds, the model of primary-care practice has changed. The major thrust has been larger practices that are associated with hospitals to handle handle larger volumes of patients expected to be in the 30% range.

In response to these changes, we are pleased to announce that the Partners of CNY Internists have opted to offer our patients two alternatives:

Dr. Zmolek will continue his practice at the Crouse Medical Practice Manlius Office which has joined with Dr. Zmolek at his longstanding location at The Marketplace.

The alternative response to this movement is the development of more personalized care practices (also called concierge practices) with smaller rather than larger practices, geared to providing more attention with minimal waits and longer office visits with purposely limited size of the practice. Dr. Stringer has opted to continue his practices given this new model of practice.

Joining many other physicians around the country with these changes, Dr. Satterly has opted to retire from active private medical practice though she continues her work at Lemoyne College helping to train physicians assistants and continues her volunteer work at the Amaus Medical Clinic in downtown Syracuse.

For those interested in finding out more about the practice of Dr. Zmolek with Crouse Medical Practice:
Contact Internists Associates of Central New York office at his new number 315-682-6600 or go to their web page at

For those interested in finding out more about our Personalized Care Practice Model:
Dr. Stringer continues his practice with a private entrance at The Marketplace in Manlius. For information go to his web page at or call 315-760-3490